3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Phone DUMP

 I found the Missoni line for kids, and saw a few things for Rachel I would pick up I really love the winter coat.
And while I was in the mood for fashion I checked out a few other fashion items before moving on to decor.  First some great shoes for mom to wear with jeans and slacks.
 then baby girl fashion 
(I did go back and buy the first pair of shoes but they didn't have the black ones in her size)
 Isn't this dress just the cutiest, the only reason I didn't pick it up is because I wanted a shirt to go under it that WASN'T cream and couldn't find one.
cute leggings for crawling around on the floor
 And of course this just might make it on the  Christmas list, a new cute towel to wrap up in.
Now onto the cute decor I found at Target.
 I really loved these and wish I could have picked up a bunch to line our side walk, they are terra cotta "paper bag" pumpkin lanterns.  LOVE IT!
 Then Christmas decor

I am of course looking at the following Christmas decor for Rachel's room.

 I love these crystalized deer for my living room shelves.
 Look how pretty this nut cracker is
Set of 4 nutcracker ornaments to add to her tree
Adorable Mud Pie outfits
 I even liked the boys overalls and could see Rachel wearing them with a cute orange lettuce edged top.
 And finally these adorable frames.


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