3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Out with the Old and IN with the NEW - YEAH!

Today I finally switched out my new dishes for the ones that David and I got when we first got married. When we married 8 years ago our color scheme around the house was blue and white.

However, when we moved 6 years ago I had begun my collection of Gail Pittman's Hand-Painted Siena dishes and recently had enough place settings to finally fill my china hutch. SO, knowing that my sister was wanting my blue and white dishes, I FINALLY took them out of the hutch and sent them over to her house.

My china hutch actually used to be my husbands gun cabinet before we got married, but he never actually used it for his guns because they were mounted on the wall. SO, I talked him into letting me convert it into a china hutch by installing a few shelves and having glass mounted in the door openings (the doors used to have plexi glass in them). Thankfully my husband isn't as into hunting these past 6 years and his guns have been moved to a case under our bed.

So my next project is to update the hutch by giving it a good sanding, update the molding and hardware, and then decide between re-staining it OR painting it black with an accent color inside. IN addition, I need to update the base storage to make it more useful. Right now the base cabinet is one big space without a shelf, this makes it harder to store things because when I want the bottom platter I have to take everything on top off, not fun when a 2 year old wants to get in there while you have the door open :-)


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