3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Giving yourself the gift of Prayer

The other night a few ladies of our church had a sweet time of fellowship in a gathering that we have come to call, Prayer Share.  Ten of us got together at our Pastor's house for a potluck dinner and a wonderful time in sharing OUR prayer needs for 2010 and praying over one another (Pastor and Tatiana's Dad were kicked out for the night, Ha). 

Back Row:  Beverly, Nilda, Agape, Brittany, Hannah, and Karen
Front Row:  ME, Mom, Tatiana, and my sister April

Tatiana, Pastor's wife, had a beautifully inspired idea.  One of the ladies in our church, Susan, was widowed more then 22 years ago and was left to raise two children on her own.  One of Susan's children, was a little girl that she had her husband had adopted that was a little "slow" and Susan assumed that she would have Kimmy with her always.  About two years ago, Kimmy fell in love and much to Susan's surprise got married and settled into a life of her own leaving Susan truly alone for the first time in more then 22 years.  Well in her loneliness, Susan turned in faith to the Lord and made a prayer wish list of sorts of the man she wanted and then she placed this list in a decorative box in a spot where she sat every day for her quiet time . . . . . . this past year God brought a wonderful man of God into Susan's life and she got re-married this past fall.

Inspired but Susan's testimony of faith in prayer, Tatiana wanted us to give ourselves the same gift of prayer in 2010 during our Prayer Share time.  She had each of us make a list of the things we need (not what our brother, friend, or children need), but what we needed that was pressing in our heart and blocking us in our walk with Christ.  We were to make two copies and place one inside the gift box and the other was going to be given to one of the other ladies for them to pray over for 40 days.

Why 40 days?  Our brief bible study after dinner was about the faith that the woman who boarded Noah's ark displayed and how we can and should have faith that God loves us just as much and will get us through the storms that are attacking our lives.

After we made our cards, we broke up into two groups of five and went off to different parts of the house to Share our list and Pray over one another.  If you decide to do this with a group of ladies from your church or social group, I suggest lot of tissues. 

Here are a few other pictures from our wonderful time of fellowship.

My sister April and Karen getting a little silly

My mother and sister April


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