3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Capture Challenge - Colors


One of the blogs that I have started reading recently, Dancing in the Rain, did a post today on another blog that she follows, I Should Be folding Laundry.  Her blog post today caught my attention because the post was about a challenge that Beth from I should be folding Laundry gave regarding photo's . . . . .  and she had me at hello, HA!  So, this is Beth's Challenge:  "All I want you to do is pick up your camera and take a picture of something that you love.  It can be a rock or your kitchen sink or your child’s toes, just capture it.  Oh and since it’s supposed to be a challenge, try to do it WITHOUT your flash".  Each week Beth will be issuing another photographic challenge (I will post next weeks challenge at the bottom of this post)

So because I LOVE taking pictures and have a ton, I jumped on the chance to post some pictures.  This weeks challenge is a focus on colors, I took these pictures with a friends Canon EOS 50D, my normal daily camera is a GE 12.2 E1250 TW, I borrowed his camera because I am seriously thinking of a major upgrade.

These first two photos were taken outside when my boys were playing on one of our warmer days.  Typical for my little Jon, he found water and dirt and MADE MUD.  He kept loosing his green croc in the mud he made.

This photo was on a day when we dragged the kayak's down to the river.  I love the POP of the boat colors.

Finally, this picture is of my kitty Crocket.  I loved his look and I love the brightness of the blanket colors under him.



Get up close and show us some cute, handsome, stubbly, soft-skinned, furry, adorable, beautiful faces!  Even yours, if you’d like!



  1. The photo of the croc in the mud is fabulous. It truly captures childhood!

  2. Thank you, it is one of my favorite, along with its companion picture and you are SOOO right it is a perfect capture of my boys life, especially the one who created the mud. ;-)

  3. love your photo of the croc in the mud! And the second one with your little boy picking it up... SO CUTE!!

    I have 4 boys... that photo reminds me of spring. right now we're buried under several feet of snow... but i know all to well that it won't be long until we'll have mud with trucks and shoes and who knows what else all over. :) mud... a boys favorite place to play. :)

  4. Thanks for the link-up! I absolutely LOVE the croc in the mud picture!!! It's fabulous!

  5. These are great shots! I love the kitty pic : )

  6. Great Pics! Found you on Follow Friday!


  7. Thanks for linking up and following over at Trendy Treehouse. I am following you too!


  8. Love the green croc shots! Such a boy thing. =)