3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcoming in 2010

When I was 7 years old I attended my very first New Years Eve party.  I remember Uncle Bill and Aunt Marion's NYE party with such clarity because they were always so much fun, the adults laughing, dancing, mingling around, and us kids left to weave in and out of all the joy.  Uncle Bill was actually a co-worker of my Dad's, they had worked for the same airlines for more then 15-20 years and we lived within 20 minutes of their home, so we spent a great deal of time with them.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Marion's home was tucked back in the woods, and every year they invited all their family and neighbors together for a huge NYE bash.  The thing I remember the most is the Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve being on one TV and SNL being on another (SNL is not exactly kid friendly programming, but back then they didn't really think about that).  Uncle Bill always liked to play with us kids and play little jokes on us.  One NYE Uncle Bill told a "story on my arm and it had to do with an Indian tribe planting corn and animals tramping through the garden, really it wasn't a story, it was more of a way to torture me in a loving way and I ended up with a VERY RED FOREARM, Ha.  Somehow whenever I was around him I ended up with a "Indian rub" forearm or writing all over my hands.

Flash forward 30+ years and I finally attended a New Years Eve party again, only this time it was with my church family.  For the longest time my NYE's has consisted of staying up until midnight to clink a glass of Welches Sparkling Cider with my husband or friends, and then tucking into bed by 12:30 . . . . . .  thrilling I know, Ha.  I grew up watching these wonderful NYE bashes on TV and always dreamed of attending one as an adult and never have.  You know the kind of parties I am talking about, do you remember the NYE bash on When Harry Met Sally

It is not only the most romantic moment in a movie, BUT,  it is also the crowd, the dresses, the confetti, the noise makers, and the dancing  . . . . . . . and some day I WILL attend a NYE bash that wonderful.

However, until that glamorous moment happens I am really happy with the NYE with my family and friends, especially when I have as fun an evening as I did this NY.  This year we had a blast, no watching my husband snooze in his lazy boy while we wait for the ball to drop, nope this year it was a real party.  We had a wonderful time at the home of our friends the Curries (they go to church with us).  We  took Davey with us and left Jon at home with Mom and Dad so he could be in bed on time (he is a baby bear when he gets sleepy).  We had such a wonderful evening playing games, chatting, and of course snacking on good eats.  Only thing that would have made it better was if we had some good danceable Christian music on in the background and we could have danced (then again Baptist's aren't supposed to dance, HAHAHAHAHA (this one does)).

I LOVED this moment, our Hostess Victoria, held Davey in her lap as we prayed into 2010 and he sat so still and peaceful for her (you can see 39 seconds left till midnight)!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful time ringing in the new year.
Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Happy New Year!! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time!! I was on the couch with Hubby entering giveaways...exciting I know!! I love When Harry met Sally too...it's one of those movies that when it comes on...you just have to watch!