3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grocery Store Happy Dance!

THEY LITERALLY announced over the loud speaker that I was the Super Saver of the Day!

I just saved $45.20 in coupons, plus an additional $106.8 in VIC savings for a 
total of $152.00 SAVED in coupons. 
$19.35 of my savings was from Super Double Coupons. Harris Teeter is having a really great sale on meats B1G1 FREE and Coupons of 1.98 or less can be doubled (normally they only double coupons under $.75.

This is just a list of SOME of my savings that I am dancing over:

 Top Round Roast 10.25 and 13.29 B1G1 FREE (11.77)

Angus Cubed Steak 6.75 and 7.64 B1G1 FREE (7.20)

Angus Stew Meat 7.70 and 7.90 B1G1 FREE (7.80)

HT Boneless Chicken Breast 10.38, 10.13, and 10.43 B1G2 FREE (10.31)

Pork Tenderloin 14.68 and 13.60 B1G1 FREE (14.14)
(4) individually packed 1 lb. pkgs. of HT Ground Turkey, $6.98

Hormel Bacon 4.99 ea. B1G1 FREE (4.99)
Perdue Wings normally 9.29 on sale for $2.00 off, coupon for $1 DOUBLED, PAID $5.29
 Meats were a total value of $139.00 and I ONLY Paid $68.40

B1G1 FREE, I PAID $3.99 for 2
B1G1 FREE , I PAID 3.29 for 2
B1G1 FREE, I PAID 3.99 for 2, my boys eat these every morning.

B1G1 FREE,  I PAID 7.19 for 2
Special K Protein Shakes normal 6.99 ea ($14.98), on sale for 5.99 ea.,
I had a coupon for $1 off 2 which doubled, I PAID $9.98 for 2

Progresso Soup, on sale $2 ea. (normally 2.69ea.),
I had a coupon for $1.10 for 3 which doubled ($8.07),
I PAID $3.90

2/$4 normally 3.19 ea. ($6.38), I had a coupon for $1 which doubled to $2, I PAID $2 for 2

This is just SOME of my savings today, I was so overjoyed with how much I saved with a little homework and effort to gather coupons from the newspaper and online sites like coupons.com.  This great sales is running through January 12th so run to the store and stock up your pantry and freezer. 
I am doing the Grocery Store Happy Dance!!

31% savings on my total grocery bill for the month, which I know doesn't sound like a lot, but when it comes in the form of a $152 savings it is,. (We only do one major grocery shop per month)


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