3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update on Team DIY Storage challenge and what I have gotten done

On January 12th I joined the Team DIY Storage challenge for my out of control storage spaces and my home office.  Our re-organized storage spaces were supposed to be done by January 31st.  WELL, here we are at the end of the month and I got our master bedroom closet organized, but nothing more, and started on my office closet, but didn't make it past pulling all the boys rainy day activities out into a rolling bin, and lets not even mention the office.

SO, determined to make SOME progress and be able to submit at least one of my spaces back to the Team DIY Storage challenge by the 31st . . . . .  I hit the boys closet today even with the boys under foot.

Boys Closet BEFORE


Boys Closet AFTER
Beginning of the process today, I moved all the family games to the top shelf of the boys closet.

Pulled Jon's 18-24 month clothes out to be sorted, stored, and bagged for salvation army.

So after pulling the clothes and the large bin of Davey's outgrown clothes (saved for Jon) from the closet I started with labeling the toy bins because Davey is starting to read some and I want to help him recognize more words that he sees every day.

Then I organized the shelves at the end of the closet

I put all the boys linens and blankets down on lower shelves.  And extra house linens, table linens, and special baby  momentos on higher shelves.  On the service trunk I put the boys basket of stuffed animals which aren't played with all the time but still accessible.

Finished product

Other organization 
that had to happen to make this possible:
My bed became a sorting area for clothes the boys had grown out of

Bins were filled and marked for the storage unit.  (I don't physically label the bin since I re-sort and reuse storage bins all the time, so what I do is write what is in the bin on a piece of paper with PMarker and then put that in a plastic bag.  I do this because I am always afraid that somehow if I just put the paper in there, it would somehow bleed onto clothes since it is stored in a hot storage unit)

Finally, the bins and bags were loaded into my car to be taken to the storage unit and salvation army tomorrow.

All done organizing for today, projects #2, #3, and #4 will have to wait until tomorrow, HA!


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