3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pride comes before the fall OR in this case the SCRAPE OFF

Well you know what they say, Pride cometh before the fall or in this case today before the scrape off of all my work today.  I made this post today on my facebook because I was so proud of my work and also because I had finally gotten back to MY bathroom project.

FB post - "Got the first upper 3 feet of bathroom wall mudded today. It has taken me a little bit to get back to the project, but finally felt a tiny bit of energy to work on it. Trying to keep hubby out of the project because he works all day and I don't want him to feel he has to come home and work, BUT . . . . . . . I might change my mind since this is taking me so long ;-) LOL"

When my husband got home I sent him into the bathroom to see what I had accomplished.  Right away he said I had put it on too thick but that I did a good job, it would just take a lot more sanding to even out the wall before painting.  As I am talking to him, he once again says I put it on really thick. My response was "its MADE THAT WAY".  He says "No you should have skim coated it more instead of spreading it on so thick."  So I told him to give it a try, I give him the wall spatula and he goes to spread it on and see that I am right.  As he is giving it a try I get the container to check the directions for the setup time, only to discover what I had never read before and OBVIOUSLY neither had he.  In big letters it says STUCCO PATCH.  UGH!  WRONG STUFF!!!!
In fairness to my husband (who is feeling very bad that he got the wrong stuff) the day we picked up the materials for the bathroom, was the day that Jonathan disappeared from our cart at Lowes and we were frantic with fear.  So all of my work got scrapped off the wall and tossed into the trash and I will have to do it all again after spending more money to buy the RIGHT STUFF.
Soo all we can do now is laugh otherwise I probably will cry LOL 


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