3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids names PART B and VOTE for which name you like best

Back on May 7th, I joined in on the fun with Kelly's Korner activity Show Us Your Life - Your Kids Names.
As promised, I said I would come back and chat about our name choice for Baby #3 whom we will call Peaches for now, once we found out if we were having a boy or girl.

First an explanation for the nickname Peaches.  When we told our boys that we were having a baby, our Oldest little Boy said we were having a girl and when we asked what we should name her he said, Peaches.  Both of our boys love the movie Ice Age, and in Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ellie and Manny the Wolly Mommoth have their first little mommoth, and they name her Peaches.  D fell in love with the little mommoth and loved her name, he couldn't stop talking about Peaches, and so I guess for him it was only natural for us to name the baby Peaches.
So we can't help but already have a nickname picked out for this little angel.

As for the name we have picked out for her, we are in a bit of a pickle on that one.  I have had a name picked out for a while, and have been talking to her using her name (we kinda had a feeling all along that we were having a girl).  BUT, my husband didn't like the name, he said it "didn't really roll off his tongue".  So I kept working on him and eventually he said he was getting used to it and that it would be fine.  "Hold back the enthusiasm just a little darlin".  So when we found out yesterday that we WERE having a little girl, I asked him again how he felt and asked if he wanted to hear other options, and he did Yes.  So I gave him three choices, with the middle name staying the same, so here are the three choices and the "whys" of the name being what I like.

A.)  Rachael Elizabeth
 This name has been my first choice for a long time and is in keeping with our selection of biblical names.  Rachel in the bible, was Jacob's wife, his true love and the one he choose first for his wife.  Rachel struggled to have children, but eventually God blessed her with a child and she named him Joseph.  Rachel means ‘ewe’, a female sheep, symbol of prosperity and security.  In addition to the biblical connection to Rachel and her struggles to have a child, I also have a very dear friend named Rachael.  My Rachael is so sweet, she loves the Lord, she always has a smile on her face, she makes me laugh, I can always be honest with her, and she has a perfectly rotten side that I love so much ;-) (kinda like me).  I would be proud if any of Rachael's personality traits rubbed off on my daughter someday.  

B.)  Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Issac, like Rachel, Sarah also struggled to have a child but God eventually blessed her.  Sarah means Princess. My MoG really likes this name best, I think it just "rolls" for him, otherwise I know if no other connection to why he favors it.

C.)  Emma Elizabeth
Emma is a name I have loved for a long time, but fell in love with again from a favorite series of books by Barbara Taylor Bradford, Women of Substance.  In the Harte family saga, the main character "Emma" is depicted as strong headed and determined to make her way in life despite the overwhelming odds against her rising above her station and circumstances of life.  The name Emma means industrious and complete.  Obviously this name holds no biblical connection, and that is why it is not top on the list, but is still a contender because it is just a classically great name.

The middle name Elizabeth is a LOCK
We both love this name because of it's biblical connection to Jesus and John the Baptist.  When Marie found out she was pregnant with Jesus, she ran to see her cousin Elizabeth to share the great news with her.  Upon seeing each other, the two women recognized the importance they and their children would play in God's plan for humanity.  Elizabeth means either ‘God’s promise’, or ‘my God is bountiful/generous, which of course we have seen abundantly throughout this pregnancy so far.  Elizabeth also struggled to have children, and God blessed her very late in life with John, later known as John the Baptist.

So now you know how we came up with the three beautiful names we have selected for our daughter, and you know which one is my personal favorite and which one my husband prefers.  We would like your help, if you want to vote on which name you like best, go to the upper left column and place your vote for which name you like best.

P.S.  All three names Rachael, Sarah, and Emily (Emma) were on a short list we had written in my journal 3 years ago when we were trying to come up with names for baby #2.

Thanks for the help! 


  1. I love Sarah best I think. because of the Bible connection.

  2. I have an Emma Elizabeth and I can't think of a better name :) My Emma just turned 14--she has definately been God's promise to me. My vote: Emma Elizabeth.

  3. I love Emma... very cute! All are very cute though.

    The Buzz

  4. I like Emma with Sarah being my second choice.

    Good luck :)

  5. I am in love with Emma Elizabeth - Congratulations on your daughter -- I can tell you from experience that having a little girl after boys is quite a culture shock - but I cried the first time I got to paint her toe nails...got it all over her tiny little piggies!

  6. I LOVE the name Sarah Elizabeth!!