3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

1.  One thing I MUST do before I die is     take my children to England to see where mom lived for a little while and to experince the place that brought my family so many wonderful memories.

2.  I would rather  change a diaper than   clean the bathroom   any day.

3.  If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be start running and working out and learn to enjoy it.

4.  If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd  pay off all our debt, tithe, set up college accounts for our children, buy a modest home that fits our needs, and take a joy trip to England or Disney World .

5.  The best surprise ever was finding out on Tuesday that we had gotten pregnant by God's grace on our own after 8 years of struggling with infertility and having to have the aid of a fertility specialist and drugs to get pregnant with our 2 little Boys.

6.  My biggest fault is  my mood swings like a tree branch in a bad wind storm and I seem to have no control over my ups and downs.

7.  My biggest strength is I am generous to to a fault and sometimes when I don't have the financial means to be generous.  But I would rather be that way then stingy with my time, efforts, and resources and I don't think the Lord would have it any other way.

Play along with this little game if you like!  Just copy the questions and post your answers on your blog and then link back HERE using the McLinky at the bottom of her post (at the VERY end of the post) so myself and others can see how you filled in your blanks.


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