3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days - Day #1

Today I am kicking off the first day of 26 Christmas Books in 25 Days.  I am a fanatic for kids books and love reading to my boys.  So, this year I decided that I would read my 2 little Boys 26 Christmas books in 25 days, leading up to of course the best story of all, the story of Jesus birth.

Day #1 brings Mater Saves Christmas written by Keil Murray, when I saw this in the Walmart book section, I KNEW that I had to get it for my 2 little Boys.  This is the perfect Christmas book for any little boy who is in love with Disney Pixar Cars. 

Mater Saves Christmas, is a cute story about Christmastime in Radiator Springs.  There is a fuel bandit stealing fuel from all the fillup stations along Rt 66 and Mater is determined that their Christmas letters will make it to the North Pole and Santa Car in time for Christmas.  So Mater and Lightning McQueen head out to the North Pole singing Christmas carols (Mater style) along their journey to Santa's village.  Unfortunately, when Mater and McQueen get to Santa Cars village, they find out Christmas has to be canceled because the fuel bandits have hit Santa Village too.    Can Mater and McQueen save Christmas?

Pick up this great book for some little guy in your life for Christmas and find out together how this adorable story in Radiator Springs turns out.


  1. What a great idea...I can't wait to see all the great books that you and your kids read!! Mater saves Christmas sounds really good!