3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

Mellisa over at Getting all my Ducks in a Row encouraged me to go over to Mama Buzz to enter my Christmas tree in their giveaway and also Kelly's Korner is having Show us Your Life - Christmas Trees on Friday.  I stopped over to Mama Buzz and love the whole idea behind the contest, it isn't just about a pretty tree, it is about the heart behind the decorations and why your Christmas tree is special to you.  So once again I want to show you our tree, but in a little more detail, with one bonus, the boys Christmas tree.

Our main Christmas tree is a prelit 7' tree that we purchased at Walmart two years ago during the after Christmas 80% off sale, this of course does not make our tree special it just means we switched from live to prelit because of a fantastic deal and what it does to steady my temperment in the Christmas tree decorating process ;-)  With 2 little Boys I try to make our tree as kid friendly as possible, yes I still use glass ball ornaments but they are the cheap ones from Wallie World that I can easily replace every year after the Ornament Funeral at the end of the Christmas season.

Our decorations are Red, Green, and White glass balls and all the personal ornaments that we have gathered during our eight years of marriage and a few that I had collected over the years into my hope chest for the family tree I hoped to one day have.  Over the past two years we have also started adding ornaments that Davey has made at preschool, and I am sure we will add some more from Jonathan's first year of preschool this year.  We of course add an ornament for each person every year along with a family ornament that holds a special meaning for our year.  So to us this tree is beautiful because it is personal, with each ornament we remember a place, a moment in time, a hope for what the future holds.  On top of our tree the Angel who helped watch over Jesus that special night He was born in a stable for You and me reminds us of the TURE meaning of our tree His birth and eventual death on a cross.

The boys first ornaments, Davey's on the left I bought 20 years ago and had tucked away in my hope chest in hopes of one day giving it to my first child.  The ornament on the left I found at Hallmark for Jonathan when I was pregnant with him.

Antique Mickey ornaments I collected in my hope chest from when I worked for Disney.

New additions 2008

My MoG's Tazman collection, I got these for him our first year of marriage, that was his nickname.

As I final bonus, I am also showing you my boys tree that is normally in their room.  We did not put this tree up this year, because the ornaments are VERY important to me.  I started collecting Classic Winnie the Pooh ornaments when I worked for the Disney Company in early 20's.  So for the past 20 years I have collected close to 50 or more ornaments to one day put on my children's Christmas tree (about half of those I got while I was pregnant with Davey).  This year we are not putting up the tree in the boys room because my little Jon is pretty rough on things, and so these ornaments will remain safely tucked away for this year and we will try again next year.  This tree is decorated with white and mint green glass balls and Classic Winnie the Pooh ornaments ONLY. (Sorry its not the best picture, this was an older camera).

This is my solution for this year, a small collection of my favorites under a cloche.

So do you want to enter your tree?  Mama Buzz is giving away a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize, stop on by and add a link to your Christmas Tree.  All you have to do is tell a little bit about your tree, and be sure to link back over to Mama Buzz in your post. Then go sign Mr. Linky on Mama Buzz, and you will be entered. If you don't have a blog, never fear; you can still enter. Just email them your picture, and they will add you into their queue for the contest and stop by Kelly's Korner while your at it and link up your tree there too at Show Us Your Life - Christmas Trees.


  1. I love the angel on your tree! Very beautiful!

  2. You are a finalist on MamaBuzz! Congratulations!:)