3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Lauren over at the little things we do has a great activity every Friday of Filling in the blanks, so this week I thought I would join in on her fun.
1. When I'm nervous..I get quiet because my stomach is in knots..

2. My favorite item in my closet is..a summer dress I found last year for $19.99 at Cato!

3. Drinking wine..is not something I do because I don't really like the taste of most wines.

4. My favorite childhood memory..going to the London Zoo with my family and the "event" we saw at the rhino exhibit!

5. Something you may not know about me is..I lived in England for almost 2 years and went to an American School with the initials A.S.S. (yes there had to be some Brits laughing up there sleeves on that one) I sure hope that school has changed it's name since then.

6. A true friend..is someone who has beliefs similar to yours but isn't afraid to tell you when they don't, someone you can talk to with COMPLETE honesty, someone who KNOWS how to make you smile, and someone who makes you feel better in your worst moments even if its just through their presence.

7. Something I hope people think of when they think of me is..there is a women who loves the Lord .

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  1. now i'm curious about this "event" you saw at the zoo. anything can happen at the zoo though, so i wouldn't be surprised by most anything. haha!

    thanks for playing along and i hope you have a lovely weekend!